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A website is useless, unless people can find and visit it.

In this course, you will learn how to get high amounts of website traffic like this:

What's inside the course?

See the full curriculum below:

(5:35) What is SEO

(5:25) Expectations and timelines

(9:43) Why businesses need SEO

(5:14) Reverse engineer success

(7:19) SEO tool stack

(5:42) Google business listings


(6:33) What are keywords

(4:27) Brainstorming Ideas

(5:17) Hacking Google search

(7:56) Taking from the competition 

(20:29) Narrowing your keyword list

(11:56) How to audit your website 

(11:34) Undergoing competitor analysis

(5:06) Setting up WordPress for SEO

(45:10) Executing on-page SEO

(23:53) Executing off-page SEO

(5:51) Off-page SEO simplified 

(8:28) Google Search Console

(13:31) Improving your website speed

(9:05) Using AI to our SEO advantage

(2:31) The importance of content

(4:53) Types of content 

(10:31) Guidelines for creating content

(8:16) Reporting SEO results

(3:16) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 1

(4:25) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 2

(4:41) Brand NEW SEO – SEO Update – Month 3

(1:43) Great month reporting example

(3:21) Negative month reporting example

(3:42) Regular month reporting example

(3:01) Slow progress reporting example

(21:03) Executing a real campaign

(#:##) Campaign checklist resource to track progress.

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