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WordPress Maintenance and Care Plans

Effortlessly Keep Your WordPress website Fast, Healthy and Secure

Perfect for WordPress website owners who rely on their website’s uptime and health, but do not have the time or resource to fully maintain it themselves.

We know how important your website is to your business, and we have seen first hand the damage a hacked, slow or offline website can cause.

Properly supported maintenance prevents such a loss to businesses.

Welcome to our monthly support experience

Affordable, fast, and professional – get a semi-custom website that sets you apart, gets you noticed and sells.

We include ultra-fast hosting for WordPress to ensure your site gets the highest performance possible with your own private and dedicated server.

Ensuring your website is always up-to-date is crucial for both security and performance. Should anything go awry with an update, rest assured, it’s covered and will be promptly addressed.

Many owners aren’t aware of their website’s downtime, which can lead to missed opportunities. In case your site ever goes offline, even briefly, we’ll be instantly alerted to ensure minimal disruption.

Once a website is compromised, many business owners aren’t aware, plus it is challenging to fix. If someone tries to mess with your site, we’ll know right away and take action. We keep backups, logs, and several layers of security.

Ease your mind from concerns about your WordPress website encountering issues or breakdowns. With our daily staged backups, you can be assured that your content, images, and files are securely preserved, providing the peace of mind you deserve.

With our WordPress care plans, you’ll receive attentive support from our team of UK-based WordPress experts. We’re committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations in every aspect of our service.

What exactly is included?

Peace of mind that your website is secure, fast and fully functional with software & plugin updates every month.

£49 + VAT / Per month

Benefits of a website care plan?

The core value of dedicated maintenance for a WordPress website is to make sure it is safe and performing optimally at all times.

Peace of mind

Have the confidence and peace of mind by knowing your website is taken care of by a WordPress expert, is running smoothly, and is secure from hacks.

Increased lifetime value

A well-maintained website stands the test of time, with consistently updated performance and a back office that remains clean and orderly.

Having someone to call

At the heart of our approach is building lasting relationships, and we begin this by being consistently reliable and quick to respond.

Got Questions? (FAQs)

If you’re looking to maintain an existing site, we can have everything up and running in no more than three business days. For those who choose us to build their site from scratch, you’ll benefit from immediate setup with no delays.

We steer clear of binding long-term contracts that can make our partners feel confined. Our philosophy is to earn your continued partnership by consistently demonstrating value, ensuring you choose to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

We understand that unexpected costs are unwelcome – for both of us. That’s why we keep things straightforward with no hidden fees. Site migrations, whether at the start or end of your plan, are completely free. Should you require anything outside the plan’s scope, we’re always open to discuss and accommodate your specific needs.

Onboarding with us is streamlined and efficient. You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who, if required will guide you through the process during a Zoom call. Plus, you’ll get access to your exclusive Slack workspace and project management dashboard for seamless communication and organisation.

We believe in transparency about who you’re collaborating with. All our work is completed by our remote team, based in United Kingdom – ensuring no overseas outsourcing and consistent quality.

We recognise that needs evolve, and our goal is to support you as effectively as possible during your time with us. If you decide to cancel your plan, we’ll assist in exporting your website from our hosting to your new host, free of charge and within three business days, ensuring a smooth transition.

On our care plans, the chances of issues are minimal, but in the rare event something does go wrong, rest assured we have backups and swift resolution procedures ready to go!

If you’re not yet enrolled in one of our care plans, you’ll need a one-time website evaluation and tune-up service. We’ll assess the situation and formulate a plan. If it’s a fix we can handle within two hours, we’ll resolve it promptly. Otherwise, we’ll provide a detailed quote to address the issue thoroughly.

If you have website requests that require more than your dedicated monthly time, we’ll let you know. We provide offers for bulk hours to be purchased. If you purchase bulk hours you can roll any unused time and use it at a later date. If it’s a large request, we’ll send you a quote to get your approval before we proceed. If you need a one-off set of hours we will quote accordingly before you exceed your limit.

We recommend our Siteground hosting as it’s swift, dependable, and economical, allowing us optimal management of your server. However, if you prefer to maintain your current hosting, that’s completely okay. We’ll only suggest a change if we believe your existing hosting could potentially harm your website’s performance.

The availability of our support hours varies based on your chosen plan. Typically, we operate from 9:00am to 5:00pm GMT, Monday through Friday, aligning with our Exeter, UK location. Please note that these hours may adjust slightly depending on the season.