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Is your website clearly signalling to your dream Bury clients why you’re their perfect match? If not, it’s high time to spotlight your unique value. Let’s work together to amplify what makes your business one-of-a-kind and ensure that every visitor leaves with a strong sense of who you are and what you bring to the table.
Updated: November 29, 2023

In a world overflowing with over a billion websites, grabbing attention in the first 2.6 seconds is vital.

Yes, a good looking design is a must, but to truly stand out, it needs to be more than just pretty.

How do you cut through the noise and reach your ideal audience? The answer is a strategically designed website that not only looks good but is laser-focused on your goals — a website that stops potential clients in their tracks and compels them to stay.

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Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Tristan is a pleasure to work with, he has been managing my SEO for a while now, and we have just completed my website for a revamp. Nothing is ever too much trouble, Tristan is approachable and responsive and a real godsend. I’ve been really happy with the website, communication is with ease and Tristan is quick to respond to any blips/issues (all the things needed when your website is being managed!) - I’ve been so happy, so now we are working on a second project! Would give him 10* if that was the option!"

Dear business owner...

At the heart of our business, we value relationships above everything else. It may sound little cliche, but it’s true. Rather than relying on sales pitches, we believe that the quality of our work will keep our clients coming back. The proof? Many of our clients have trusted us for over a decade.

We understand that your investment in your business’s website and online marketing is significant. That’s why we are committed to providing high-quality, tailored web design solutions in Bury. We combine user-friendly interfaces with sound SEO principles, all aimed at driving tangible results.
From startups to established corporations, we’ve had the pleasure of working with all sorts of businesses. We’re here to offer professional, reliable website design and SEO services that deliver measurable results. Over the years, we’ve helped countless companies in Bury and around the globe stand out in their industries, all while providing top-tier customer support. We’re here for you every step of the way.

We would say there a million reasons a service providing business needs a website.
But here are a few...

Boost Your Online Visibility

Let us implement tailored SEO strategies to enhance your online presence, so you can rank higher in search engines and attract more potential customers to your business.

Impress with a Stunning Website

We’ll create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflects your unique brand identity, engaging visitors and leaving a lasting positive impression.

Turn Visitors into Customers

Our conversion-driven design approach ensures that your website is optimized to captivate your audience, leading to higher conversion rates and more business for you.

Modernise Your Online Presence

Say goodbye to outdated websites! We’ll give your online presence a fresh makeover, incorporating modern design trends and technologies that make you stand out from your competition.

Protect Your Online Assets

Rest easy knowing that your website is safeguarded against cyber threats. We’ll implement robust security measures, protecting your valuable data and boosting customer trust in your business.

Take Control of Your Content

Say goodbye to relying on developers for updates. Our user-friendly content management system (CMS) and training will empower you to easily manage your website’s content, giving you full control. 

Some of the hand-crafted websites.

Perce and Williams

Bespoke Furniture

John Ross Associates




Williams International

Real Estate / Property

Devon Crates


Philip Price Surveying


Packed Meal Prep




Pendegy Mill


Software Solved

Software Development

Graze by Dish


Hewitson & Harker


Just Wood

Bespoke Carpentry

Get Plastered


How can you have a website that ranks high & generates traffic?

There are many cogs required to make a website that works the way you need it to, however…

Below highlights a few of the key qualities that make up our SEO driven website:


Making it more about your visitors than you. Having a deep understanding of your target will shape your website’s design, content, and SEO strategy.

Easy to manage

Taking the stress out of having to chase your web agency to make the smallest of changes is our goal. Having the power to manage your own content is vital.

Attention grabbing

The web is a sea of noise and competition, and buyers are impatient. Your website needs to find a way to be unique, grab attention fast and stand out! 

Simple experience

Often a visitor is on your website because they have a problem to solve. You must make sure that your website provides a solution in as few steps as possible.

Great structure

Simplicity is key, this includes the structure of your website. Making it easy for users to navigate will boost sales, and also favour the search engines too.

SE-Optimised copy

What you say on your website speaks volumes. You must be able to rank, grab people’s attention and guide them down a path so they result in buying from you!

highly converting website design

How Our Unique Approach Works For You...

1. Discovery

Once you’re on board, we’ll kick things off with an initial session to delve deep into understanding your business. During this time, we’ll also begin gathering all the necessary content for your website — including images, photos, and personal branding elements — to ensure we have everything we need to seamlessly transition into the next phase of the development process.

2. Strategy

Next, we’ll hone in on your website goals. Together, we’ll carve out the pathway to target and attract your ideal customers, focusing not just on appealing messaging but also on enhancing user engagement and converting visitors into loyal clients. It’s all about crafting a site that not just attracts, but retains and converts.

3. Design

At this stage, we’ll start converting your business goals and web strategy into a sitemap. We’ll then craft a prototype design, ensuring not just appeal, but functionality. After securing your approval on this, we transition from prototype to starting to develop a fully-fledged website.

4. Build

Next, we craft your dynamic website behind the scenes, blending in a rich dose of SEO goodness to attract your ideal audience from the start. Existing site? No worries, the transition will be seamless. Rest easy knowing post-launch, we’re here, offering continued support to keep your website fresh and findable.

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How much does a website cost?

Kick Starter

Tired of DIYing your site? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp, we collaborate to craft a standout starter website tailored to your needs, drawing in your ideal customers without the hefty investment.

Typical timeframe: 8 weeks

  • 5-Page WordPress Website: Built from a reliable template and designed to cater to your business specifics, with the option to add more pages as needed.
  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet: Ensuring a seamless browsing experience on all devices.
  • Strategy Session and Website Questionnaire: To align with your website objectives and carve out a clear roadmap.
  • SEO Essentials Setup: Laying the groundwork for optimal search engine performance.
  • Guidance on Website Copy: Receive a guide to help craft compelling content for your site.
  • Legal Essentials: Incorporating necessary legal pages including privacy and cookie policies, along with terms and conditions.
  • Social Media Integration: To enhance your online presence and foster connectivity.
  • Email List Integration: Connect your mail client to your website forms to effortlessly build an email list.
  • Two Rounds of Revisions: Ensuring the website matches your vision perfectly.
  • Complimentary Video Training: Empowering you to manage text and images, and add blogs or other content with confidence.
  • Four Weeks of Post-Project Email Support: Assisting you as you get accustomed to your new website.
  • Optional Website Maintenance Package: Offering continuous support, updates, and hosting solutions.
  • Additional Pages — Starting at £200, we offer detailed and custom-designed extra pages to further enhance your site.
  • Blog Integration — Starting at £300, facilitate knowledge-sharing, and trust-building with your audience, and boost your Google rankings with a dedicated blog space on your site.
  • Maintenance Packages — Opt for ongoing support, including edits and hosting, with our maintenance plans starting at just £49 per month.
  • E-Commerce Integration — Keep your business running round the clock with an online store addition, available from £900.

The investment for getting your new website online with this package is from £750+VAT. 

Payment plans are available. 

Please note that the price of your domain name, website hosting, and any additional tech add-ons will be extra).

Up Level

If you’re looking to level up your existing website, this package is designed for you. Together, we’ll fine-tune your site to attract and capture your ideal customers. Geared for business owners seeking more than just a basic online presence, we offer a collaborative approach to create a custom-designed website that actively contributes to your business growth and stands out in the crowd.

Typical timeframe: 8-16 weeks

  • 5-10 Page Fully Custom WordPress Website: Designed and built from scratch to cater to your business goals, with the option to add more pages as needed.
  • Strategy Session and Website Questionnaire: Let’s kick things off by defining clear goals for your website.
  • Responsive Design for Mobile and Tablet: A non-negotiable feature to ensure user-friendly experiences on all devices.
  • SEO Foundations & XML sitemap: Setting the stage for optimal visibility on search engines.
  • Blog Integration: A space to share knowledge, foster trust with your audience, and enhance Google rankings.
  • Custom Portfolio: A place to showcase your work and the positive results you have gotten for your customers. 
  • Social Media and Lead Capture Tools: Facilitate community building and increase leads with integrated social media links and lead capture functionalities.
  • Website Copy Guidance: A helpful guide to assist you in crafting compelling website content.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Stay on top of your website visitor analytics and data. 
  • Legal Provisions: Including essential policies such as privacy, terms and conditions, and cookie policy.
  • Email List Integration: Connect your mail client to your website forms to effortlessly build an email list.
  • Two Revision Rounds: We work to finely tune your website, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your vision.
  • Hands-On Video Training: Gain the confidence to update your site’s text and images and to add new content with ease.
  • Four Weeks of Post-Launch Email Support: To help you navigate the initial phase with your upgraded website.
  • Optional Maintenance Package: Consider ongoing support, with edits and hosting, to keep your site up-to-date and secure (*see package additions).
  • Additional Pages — Starting at £150, we offer detailed and custom-designed extra pages to further enhance your site.
  • In depth custom video or in person training — on top of the standard video training, we can offer you a dedicated set of specific training videos for your team, or provide live in-person training or Zoom training. 
  • UI/UX – From £2000 we can provide we can offer site structure mapping, wireframing and user experience testing, for large-scale and in-depth website projects.
  • Maintenance Packages — Opt for ongoing support, including edits and hosting, with our maintenance plans starting at just £49 per month.
  • E-Commerce Integration — Keep your business running round the clock with an online store addition, available from £900.

The investment for getting your new website online with this package is from £2,500+VAT. 

Payment plans are available. 

Please note that the price of your domain name, website hosting, and any additional tech add-ons will be extra).

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Got Questions? (FAQs)

Every website is built to meet the needs of the individual customer; therefore, the cost of a new website will vary depending on how many pages and features you require. However, we provide honest pricing, always keep our rates competitive and are happy to tailor packages to fit your budget. As a starting point a website from Parker Digital starts at £750.

We’re not just web designers—we’re SEO wizards too! Unlike other web design companies, we don’t just stop at creating an awesome website. We give your site the SEO magic touch right from the start. Because let’s face it, having a website alone doesn’t cut it in today’s digital world. You need a rock-solid digital marketing game plan to go with it.

We want all our clients to have a real shot at Google’s top spots with their new websites. And when they’re ready to buckle up for the long haul with an SEO strategy, their website will already be leagues ahead of the ones created by any other company. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

In our opinion, yes, every business should have a website, and not just because we design great ones! A website is your virtual shop window, allowing you to showcase your products or services to the world. Now, while it is still possible to find customers without one, the absence of a secure, professional website can damage consumer confidence and make prospective customers question your credibility. So, whether you are looking to establish a firm online presence, or simply tick that box for your customers, we can help.

For the images on your website, we will assist you in finding high quality photography from either free stock libraries, or even premium paid photo libraries. Your direction will be needed to find the best images to suit your business. 

Amateur web design may look acceptable on the surface, but sites are often riddled with broken links, load slowly, and are likely to look terrible on smaller screens. This can be far more costly than hiring a web designer as your potential customers may look elsewhere for a better experience. User experience and conversion are tightly linked, and we offer affordable designs that will ensure your visitors stick around.

No! We have clients all over the UK and all over the world and communicate with them over email and video calls.

No. You will be responsible for your website domain name and hosting. This allows you to retain full control over over the domain and website files if you ever decide to move. 

We can recommend some reliable website hosts and will complete the new website migration for you so the process is still very easy for you. 

Yes, we ensure all websites we produce are launched with an SSL certificate, identifiable by the little padlock in the URL bar. Your digital security is top priority, and is also reassuring for your customers, so we never send out a website without one.

Each website from us is built with an SEO kickstart. This means that during the content creation, our copywriters will write with your ideal keywords in mind. During the build stage, our developers will build the website structure with SEO in mind too. This will give your website the best chance of performing well from launch but does not mean you will rank #1 on Google.

To better increase your organic search position on Google, we recommend a monthly SEO service to give your website the additional boost required to reach the top of Google for ideal search terms. You can learn more about our search engine optimisation services here.

To keep things simple, we are able to write your text for your website, and our copywriters will write with SEO in mind.

We encourage you to write and supply as much supporting content as you can to make sure the end result is factually correct. After all, you know your business best. 

Contact us via email with your requirements and a link to your existing website, or feel free to book a call to discuss further adn we can provide an estimate.

We teach web designers & other business owners how to create great websites...

Helping those wanting to improve their website and business through free online youtube videos.

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Looking for a local web designer? 

We have helped many business owners around Bury to build an attractive selling machine (website) to increase credibility and skyrocket online sales each month

While you will find our work far and wide, we never loose touch of our roots and strive to offer a personal ‘local web design’ experience, no matter where you are based!

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