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Tutorials, tips, resources and personalised training for our awesome clients!

Intro and Overview

Excited to give website rundown and tool overview before you begin managing site. Don’t worry, I’m here to help every step of the way! Let’s jump in.

Text Editor

I’ll guide you through the WordPress text editor. It’s essential for adding content to your pages and posts, so you’ll be comfortable using it quickly. Let’s get started!

Adding and Managing Media

Optimise your images for faster loading and better user experience. Use for quick and efficient optimisation. Try it now!

Optimise here:

Linking to Images & Documents

I’ll guide you through how you can use the content in your media library and link to it throughout the website using test hyperlinks and download buttons.

Contact Forms

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to manage, edit, and add fields to your website contact forms.


Pages are the foundation of your website, and here you’ll learn how to add, remove and edit pages. 

Website Menu (ADMIN)

Need help managing your website’s navigation? Let me assist with adding, renaming, repositioning items, and linking new content. Together, we’ll make your site user-friendly for visitors.

User Management (ADMIN)

Looking to know how you can manage who has access to your websites management system? Here you’ll learn how to add new users and assign an access level, as well as remove any team members who leave. 

Plugins (ADMIN)

IMPORTANT!! Plugins are essential to allow your website to function so please make sure you are familiar with plugin management and updates, or get in touch if you need any assistance.