Facebook ads generate over $1.8k revenue in first-month launch for clothing brand.

Putting a brand new clothing brand on the map with Facebook & Instagram ads

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Note: in respecting our client’s wishes, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand’s name. 

This USA-based start-up streetwear brand has a fantastic product and brand, with a healthy 4k Instagram followers. Things were moving slowly for them initially, so they need to do something to generate more revenue and increase their brand awareness. 

The Right Fit

At Parker Digital Marketing, we’ve worked with fashion and start-ups. This give us the edge by knowing what was required to hit the business’s goals, all while being able to share our ideas initially and along the way. Typically running advertisement for a start-up clothing retail store is very challenging and often don’t run profitably in the first 3 months. Since this brand was new, our strategy had to focus on discovering and building new effective audiences that were most likely to engage in buying the clothing, to start generating those sales.

The Solution

Implementing a social media campaign that offered an incentive to encourage cold audiences to purchase.  We defined cold target audiences based on interests, matched with stunning visual photography and messaging to grab attention. 

Offering a 20% discount to new customers and retargeting those who added to the cart was effective in capturing those initial sales and building up a mailing list for future offers.

Postitive facebook ads results

☝️ Epic First Month Results

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During the first 4 weeks, we grew their ads revenue by 580% and give them their spike in revenue hitting over $1,800.   

The sky is the limit with this fashion brand and we couldn’t be more excited to help them. 

How it was done

  • 20% discount code for social purchases
  • Research into competitor brand audiences
  • Stunning photography to grab attention
  • Effective pixel tracking and audience retargeting