164 Enquiries Within 90 Days for a London Office Space Provider.

How we helped a London charity grow their occupancy after the pandemic.

Key Results


Rapid Leads


Organic Leads


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Note: CAN Mezzanine has now rebranded to Canopi Foundation.

Canopi (previously CAN Mezzanine) is a social organisation that are dedicated to supporting charities and other social sectors with their causes. They do this by providing a variety of flexible and affordable working environments, support services, and events exclusively to the social sector.

Canopi are motivated to make a difference within the community and facilitate great work.

During a pandemic, the shared office space industry was heavily affected. After losing a percentage of its occupancy, Canopi was on a mission to support their existing customers and see themselves through an uncertain period of time.

The Right Fit

We at Parker Digital take pride in supporting businesses that make a difference. The opportunity to partner with Canopi on their journey to producing genuine customer enquiries to enable their sales teams to build back up their occupancy numbers. We thrive on helping companies fix some of their pressing problems including increasing sales opportunities via online channels. Being well rounded in a variety on digital marketing channels, we knew what strategy Canopi would need to build a collection of leads immediately and in the long term.

The Solution

Initially, we run a full audit of their website to understand where they were in terms of web traffic volumes and quality. After a few conversations with sales and operations departments, we had a clear idea of what we needed to do fill the gaps.

Canopi needed new enquiries as soon as possible, therefore our solution would be to help sculpt some attractive offers to not only encourage previous customers to return, but also be attractive to new audiences and then take them to market via paid advertisements.

Our rapid lead generation solution was a great way to get in front of ideal customers that need what Canopi is offering and generate new enquiries in the shortest amount of time.

While working on a short-term strategy to boost occupancy numbers, we were also thinking long-term. At PDM we like to offer a solution that will enable a business to in the future transition away from paying for leads (if they wish), and work to generate online enquiries organically through Google search is how we have done this with Canopi.

The Results

Canopi continues to utilise a multi-platform strategy to generate frequent leads by way of advertsiment and organic search marketing.

Our rapid leads solution allowed us to initiall test offers quickly, find what audiences are receptive to the marketing, and filter out those who do not qualify as a potential customer. This and as a consequence has generated 164 new sales opportunities over an initial 3 month period before doubling down on boosting the volume or organic website enquiries.

Since Jan 2022, we have been able to grow their monthly natural website traffic to an average 500+ views each month, resulting in 84 website enquiries over the past 3 months alone (May 1st 2022 – July 31st 2022). By focusing on specific keywords and improving the overall position Canopi’s website is displayed on Google search for relatable search terms has enabled Canopi to have multiple sources of sales acquisition opportunities.

From Ubersuggest SEO Tracking
Taken from Google Analytics Dashboard Tracking (May-Jul)

Canopi have continued to grow their occupancy during the pandemic, slowly moving towards their pre COVID occupancy.

How it was done

  • Initial fault finding within the business
  • Helping to develop attractive sales offers
  • Building website authority within the space 
  • Building a collection of enquiries within the first 30 days
  • Increasing the organic search volume to generate self-sustaining natural enquiries
  • Regular check-ins and agile strategies