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Overall SEO Score


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Current General Site Data

Monthly organic traffic


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On-page Recommendations

We audited your site for potential errors that can hurt your rankings. Here’s what we found:

Current Keyword Rankings

See how your top keywords currently rank on Google search.

Any of your own suggested keywords that do not appear in the list below have been reviewed and it was considered that they are not valuable enough or do not generate any searches. 

Keyword Suggestions

90 Day Guarantee Keyword Focus:

storage tent
insulated steel buildings
container canopies


Keyword Focus:

storage tents
container canopy
container shelters
container shelter
storage tents uk
outdoor storage tent
shipping container canopy
temporary canopies
container shelters uk
heavy duty storage tent
industrial storage tents
temporary storage tents
container canopy shelter
large outdoor storage tents
storage container canopy
insulated buildings
tent storage buildings

NOTE: Increasing the position of these keywords will also mean that relatable keywords will automatically increase too.

Competitor Research

Here’s how your top 2 competitors compare to you:

YouCompetitor 1Competitor 2
SEO Score75%62%
Domain Age2Yr 6Mo15Yr 4Mo
Domain Authority1216
Creating Blog Content?YesNo
Blogs per month0N/A
# Google Reviews313
Monthly organic traffic1024.7k
Total # of ref unique domains0302
Total # of backlinks6.2k687

Final Summary/Recommendations

Search Traffic: Good news! Your website’s visibility in search results has been getting better in the last 6 months. With a few tweaks, we believe you could get 3-4 times more visitors from search engines in the coming months.

Images: Some pages use temporary images. It’d be best to update these with actual photos. For instance, see the images on this page.

Keywords: We’ve picked some keyword targets based on where you’re currently showing up in search results, what competitors are targeting, and our SEO tool’s suggestions. You’ll find these keywords in our provided spreadsheet and earlier in this report.

90-Day Promise: We’re confident enough to promise that about 75% of your chosen keywords will show up on the first page of search results within 90 days. However, there’s one term, “non insulated steel buildings”, that doesn’t have enough data for us to analyze deeply. Still, a quick check shows you’re already at the top for this term!

Additional Keyword Strategy: We suggest enhancing your product pages with more relevant content and titles. Doing this, plus fixing some website issues, will help your site show up for even more search terms.

Domain Strength: Your website’s “domain authority” score is 12 out of 100. Though this might seem low, it’s pretty solid compared to many others. This means improving your site’s search ranking might be a smoother journey. We’re sure we can boost this score with quality links and engaging blog content.

Website Age: Your website’s age isn’t a problem. It’s over 2 years old, which is good in the eyes of search engines.

Links to Your Site: Congrats! You have way more websites linking to yours than your competitors do. This is a strong advantage for improving your search ranking.

Blog Updates: Your blog’s latest posts are from April 2022. Regular updates would be beneficial. Aim for at least one meaningful post a month that talks about what you offer.

Google Reviews: You have three excellent reviews. Let’s try to get more by reaching out to past customers.

SEO Fixes Needed: We’ve found several areas of improvement for your site. Most of them have a good chance of boosting your search results and are straightforward to correct. Addressing these will likely improve your website’s performance in search rankings. Here is a breakdown of SEO issues:

  • 78 pages have a low word count
  • 148 pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • 159 pages with duplicate <title> tags
  • 65 pages are blocked from appearing in search engines
  • 20 pages without a H1 heading
  • 31 pages with no meta description
  • 82 pages with a <title> tag that is too long
  • 15 pages with a <title> tag that is too short
  • 64 pages with a poorly formatted URL for SEO

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