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We audited your site for potential errors that can hurt your rankings. Here’s what we found:

Current Keyword Rankings

See how your top keywords currently rank on Google search.

Any of your own suggested keywords that do not appear in the list below have been reviewed and it was considered that they are not valuable enough or do not generate any searches. 

Keyword Suggestions

Use the following keywords:

co-working office space kings cross
office space leeds
office space mayfair
office space waterloo
co-working office space farringdon
office space farringdon
office space bristol
co-working office space london bridge
office space london
office space birmingham
co-working office space london
co-working office space manchester
co-working office space mayfair
flexible office space london
co-working office space leeds
co-working office space bristol
co-working office space waterloo
office space kings cross
co-working office space liverpool street
serviced office space manchester
office space manchester
all inclusive office space london
co-working office space birmingham
flexible office space manchester
rent a desk in london
rented office space in london
serviced office London
NOTE: Increasing the position of these keywords will also mean that relatable keywords will automatically increase too.

Competitor Research

Here’s how your top 2 competitors compare to you:

YouCompetitor 1Competitor 2
SEO Score69%72%78%
Domain Age0Yr 10m22Yr 9m8Yr 5m
Creating Blog Content?NoYesYes
Blogs per monthN/A114
# Google Reviews041140
Monthly organic traffic8119,539114,960
Total # of referring domains17864,0967,659

Final Summary/Recommendations

Indexed Pages – Our audit revealed that only 7 pages are indexed on Google search, while your website has over 900 pages. This indicates that your sitemap may not have been submitted to Google Search Console, or that Google needs to be manually instructed to index existing pages.

Services Page Count – Compared to competitors, your Services Page count is low. We suggest expanding your content to provide more information about your offerings (e.g., types of space available), which can help you rank for additional keywords.

Navigation & Indexing – Including more pages in your main navigation will facilitate better indexing by Google’s robots, resulting in more pages appearing in Google search.

Additional Content – Most of your competitors utilize their websites effectively by showcasing various office space options (e.g., fixed desks, co-working, event spaces) and featuring customer testimonials for social proof. Adding similar content can boost both traffic and visitor conversion rates.

Domain Age – Although domain age is a factor when competing against others, as your domain approaches the 12-month mark, now is an excellent time to start optimizing for search and expect quicker results.

Blogs – Competitors consistently produce valuable blog content that resonates with their audience and builds credibility with Google. It’s crucial for you to create informative blog posts (at least once a month) that address your audience’s common questions, helping to increase your domain authority.

Traffic – Your traffic volume is significantly low due to a combination of the issues mentioned above. We see immense potential for increasing web search traffic and generating leads.

Keywords – With the number of pages on your website, your keyword list should be more extensive. Focus on adding more content to pages, ensuring proper use of H1 to H6 tags, and incorporating the keywords you want to rank for. Additionally, phase out irrelevant keywords, such as “Love in the office.”

Keyword Opportunities – In our audit, we’ve identified location-based keywords related to office space. Ranking highly for these terms will create a domino effect, resulting in your website ranking for numerous related keywords.

Google Business Listing – We couldn’t find a Google Business listing for Love Mondays Office Space. If one doesn’t exist, creating a complete profile will boost local traffic.

Issues – Our audit discovered 1332 website issues that need addressing. Resolving these problems is an excellent starting point for quick SEO wins and increased Google search visibility. Some of the issues include missing sitemaps, low word count, duplicate meta descriptions, broken links, and poorly formatted URLs.

  • 1 issues with no sitemap.xml to optimize interaction with bots
  • 216 pages have a low word count
  • 62 pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • 44 pages with duplicate <title> tags
  • 341 pages without a H1 heading
  • 292 pages with broken links
  • 292 pages returned 4XX status code
  • 34 pages with a <title> tag that is too short
  • 47 pages with a poorly formatted URL for SEO
  • 3 pages have temporary redirects
With the right approach, there’s a wealth of opportunity to improve your SEO performance, significantly increasing traffic and visitors from Google search.

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