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We audited your site for potential errors that can hurt your rankings. Here’s what we found:

Current Keyword Rankings

See how your top keywords currently rank on Google search.

Any of your own suggested keywords that do not appear in the list below have been reviewed and it was considered that they are not valuable enough or do not generate any searches. 

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword focus:

amazon advertising agencies
amazon marketing services uk
amazon uk advertising
ppc for amazon
advertising amazon uk
ads for amazon
amazon advertiser
amazon agency uk
fba fees uk
seo for amazon
amazon ppc agency
amazon marketing agency
seo amazon
amazon marketing services
brand registry amazon
ppc amazon
amazon dsp
amazon agency
amazon ppc
amazon advertising agency
ppc on amazon
amazon advertising services
amazon ppc management services
amazon ppc services
amazon ppc management agency


NOTE: Increasing the position of these keywords will also mean that relatable keywords will automatically increase too.

Competitor Research

Here’s how your top 2 competitors compare to you:

YouCompetitor 1Competitor 2
Domain Rating (Authority)0/10013/10019/100
Domain Age0Yr 7Mo4Yr 6Mo12Yr 4Mo
Creating Blog Content?NoYesYes
Blogs per monthN/A22
# Google Reviews0Can't Find44
Monthly organic traffic0529237
Total # of referring domains0189166
Total # of backlinks01,300478

Final Summary/Recommendations

Keywords – Currently your website does not rank for anything when it comes to keywords. We have run a competitor analysis and handpicked a collection of keywords that we recommend you optimise the website for and aim to rank on Google for. Your industry appears competitive in terms of keyword difficulty, so it is important to be patient with timeframes since higher difficulty keywords take more time and effort to rank highly for, but once you are there it will be worth the wait.
Traffic opportunity – Within the keywords list, you will see each keyword has a traffic potential, this illustrates what the real search potential is for a keyword based on other pages ranking for that keyword and the amount of traffic they receive. Although we put focus on individual keywords, this does not mean that the content on a single page will also rank for multiple other relatable keywords, meaning the overal traffic potential of a web page is higher than just the search volume of single keyword.
Pages – You have a total of 8 pages indexed on Google, and there are very few pages appearing within your website navigation. You will need to create additional pages around each of the keywords you want to rank for. Having a dedicated services section of the website with links out to individual service pages (eg “amazon ppc” or “amazon seo”) will be a very good start.
Google My Business (GMB) – You have a profile on Google however it looks to not be completed to its full potential. Having a completed GMB profile goes a long way to improving not only your map pack position for local search but your overall organic search position too. We recommend you look to get some customer reviews on your profile too.
Domain age – The domain age is younger than your competitors, and because your domain is less than a year old it will put you at a slight competitive disadvantage until it is around 12 months old. Now is the perfect time to start implementing an SEO strategy as after 6 months of optimisation your domain age and website will be in a much stronger position to generate that organic search traffic.
Site errors – You have a few site errors that need addressing to help improve the overall seo health of the website, and more importantly increase the chances of the website ranking on Google. Here is a rundown of these website errors:
  • 2 pages have a low word count
  • 5 pages are blocked from appearing in search engines
  • 10 pages without a H1 heading
  • 9 pages with no meta description
  • 10 pages with a <title> tag that is too long
Summary – Overall, we see a lot of potential with your SEO opportunity. However there is some work to be done with building your website presence through increasing page quantity, increasing domain authority and getting your website to be recognised for those lucrative high-search volume keywords highlighted in the keyword list.

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