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We audited your site for potential errors that can hurt your rankings. Here’s what we found:

Current Keyword Rankings

See how your top keywords currently rank on Google search.

Any of your own suggested keywords that do not appear in the list below have been reviewed and it was considered that they are not valuable enough or do not generate any searches. 

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Focus:

breath alcohol ignition interlock sensor
male bnc connector
alcohol interlock device
epdm rubber tube
formaldehyde sensors
formaldehyde detection
fuel cell sensors
breath alcohol sensor

NOTE: Increasing the position of these keywords will also mean that relatable keywords will automatically increase too.

Competitor Research

Here’s how your top 2 competitors compare to you:

YouCompetitor 1Competitor 2
Domain Age23Y 10M
Domain Authority17
Creating Blog Content?Yes
Blogs per monthNot Dated
# Google Reviews0
Monthly organic traffic78
Total # of ref unique domains67
Total # of backlinks209

Final Summary/Recommendations

Organic Traffic Growth: Your website’s organic search traffic has increased over the past three months. This is a positive sign, indicating that your website structure, user journey, and regular blog postings are aligning well with SEO best practices.

Content Optimization for Products: Your site’s focus on specific products, like the “Breath alcohol ignition interlock sensor,” presents a great opportunity to rank for niche items. To enhance this, consider adding more detailed descriptions and FAQs for your products. This will not only enrich your content but also improve its relevance to specific search queries.

Keyword Strategy: It’s great that you’re ranking high for most of your chosen keywords in the UK. Focusing on both high and low-volume keywords that are closely aligned with your products is a wise approach. This will help target specific audiences and improve the likelihood of conversion. Pay attention to the orange-highlighted keywords as they are likely to offer the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis: Your specialization in alcohol and formaldehyde detection sets you apart from competitors. This unique positioning should be leveraged in your SEO strategy to highlight your niche expertise.

SEO Health: With minimal errors on your website, fixing these will further enhance your SEO performance. This is an important step to ensure there are no technical barriers to ranking higher.

Blog Content: While your blog is active, increasing the word count and depth of articles can significantly boost your SEO. Google values detailed, informative content that addresses common queries in your sector. A long-term content strategy will establish your authority and improve rankings both locally and internationally.

Domain Authority and Age: Your domain’s age (23 years) is a strong point, contributing to your credibility and domain authority. However, a DA of 17 suggests there is room for improvement. Building high-quality backlinks and producing quality blog content are key strategies to increase your DA.

Backlink Profile: With 209 links linking back to you, the focus should now be on enhancing the quality of these backlinks. Engaging content and strategic partnerships can help in acquiring more authoritative backlinks.

Google My Business Profile: Optimizing your Google Business profile is crucial. Ensuring it has up-to-date information, including reviews, location, and a correct map position, will aid in boosting your organic rankings.

SEO Timeline: Given the niche nature of your product, achieving page-one results for UK-based keywords within 3 months is feasible, extending to 6-9 months for international terms. The strategy should focus on immediate on-page SEO improvements, content enhancement, and growing the backlink profile.

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