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Overall SEO Score


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On-page Recommendations

We audited your site for potential errors that can hurt your rankings. Here’s what we found:

Current Keyword Rankings

See how your top keywords currently rank on Google search.

Any of your own suggested keywords that do not appear in the list below have been reviewed and it was considered that they are not valuable enough or do not generate any searches. 

Keyword Suggestions

Page 1 gaurantee: 

marquee hire london


Keyword Focus:

marquee hire
wedding marquee hire
marquee hire london
hiring marquees for weddings
small marquee hire
luxury marquee wedding
events marquee
marquees for hire london
cheap marquee hire london
marquee hire cambridge
marquee hire luton
marquee hire hertfordshire
marquee hire bedford
marquee hire milton keynes
marquee hire north london
london gazebo hire
marquee hire bedfordshire
hire a gazebo london
marquee hire st albans
marquee hire aylesbury
marquee hire rickmansworth
marquee hire hemel hempstead
marquee hire hertford
marquee hire huntingdon
marquee hire harpenden
marquee hire newmarket

NOTE: Increasing the position of these keywords will also mean that relatable keywords will automatically increase too.

Competitor Research

Here’s how your top 2 competitors compare to you:

YouCompetitor 1Competitor 2
Domain Age3Y 5M10Y 3M23Y 9M
Domain Authority111729
Creating Blog Content?NoNoNo
Blogs per monthN/AN/AN/A
# Google Reviews34510713
Monthly organic traffic1k8172.3k
Total # of ref unique domains60245552
Total # of backlinks2167292.3k

Final Summary/Recommendations

Website Content: Your website is full of information – that’s awesome! A few tweaks here and there could make it even better at attracting more visitors.

Keywords: We’ve looked into phrases that people might use to find services like yours on Google. We’ve picked out the best ones for you, and they’re highlighted in orange in our report. However, there are some pages on your website that might be targeting the wrong phrases, so we need to review and fix those.

Local Keywords: You have a chance to show up in searches for different locations. Right now, you don’t have enough location-specific information on your site. We suggest creating detailed pages for each location. For instance, your “Marquee Hire Luton” page is doing well, so let’s use that as a blueprint for other areas.

Your Chosen Keywords: Some phrases you chose don’t have a lot of searches and so we can no see any data on them (marquee hire berkhampstead, marquee hire bishop stortford, marquee hire duxford, marquee hire haverhill, marquee hire welwyn), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Less competition can mean an easier chance of showing up on Google. Also, some phrases you mentioned aren’t on your site at all (Marquee hire Bedford and Marquee hire Hertfordshire) – let’s create a new dedicated service page for those too!

Google Maps Listing (Google My Business): To show up when people search nearby, your business address is crucial. Google likes detailed profiles but also prefers local businesses. Just remember, we can only create a profile for an address you can verify as yours.

Page Titles: Some of your pages have the wrong type of title, but it’s a simple fix. They are showing whats called a H2 tag, when it should be a H1. Getting this right helps Google understand your page better.

Blogging: While you have lots of information about your services, adding blogs can help you cover more topics and establish you as an expert in the marquee industry.

Connections (Backlinks): We should get more websites to link to yours. Even if your competitors’ websites aren’t as good from an on page optimisation point of view, they have strong connections that help them in search rankings.

Website Credibility (Domain Authority): Think of this as your website’s reputation score. Yours is 11 out of 100, which is a bit low. With more quality links and good content, this number will go up. We would like this to be at least a 25/100 minimum.

Website Age: Your website has been around for a decent time, which is good. Competitors have older websites, giving them a slight advantage, but with continued efforts, you can surpass them.

GMB Details: Your Google Maps profile is impressive with a lot of reviews. How high you appear on the map depends partly on where your business is located compared to the person searching. But listing out the areas you serve can help boost your visibility in other palces.

Guarantee: We’re confident we can boost your ranking for “marquee hire London” within 90 days. Some other phrases might take a bit longer due to competition.

Website Health: There are a few issues on your site that we need to fix soon, especially pages missing the right titles and links that don’t work:

  • 88 pages have a low word count
  • 26 pages with duplicate meta descriptions
  • 20 pages with duplicate <title> tags
  • 5 pages are blocked from appearing in search engines
  • 19 pages without a H1 heading
  • 7 pages with broken links
  • 28 pages with no meta description
  • 32 pages returned 4XX status code
  • 20 pages with a <title> tag that is too long
  • 16 pages with a <title> tag that is too short
  • 20 pages with a poorly formatted URL for SEO

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