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We provide search engine optimisation in Paignton and the surrounding areas to businesses who are looking to outrank their competition on Google, using month-to-month SEO with a guarantee

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We are here to give your website the traffic boost it needs and make sure your business is seen by all of those looking for what you offer.

You do not need to pay Google a fortune in never ending PPC fees to appear at the top of the Google search results page (SERPs). When your website works well and is correctly optimised it will not only appear at the top of Google and other major search engines, but it will convert your visitors into paying customers.

Our goal as an SEO company is to generate a higher ROI through website optimisation and ranking websites on top of search engines, and more importantly above your local competition. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience and the best results whether you are located in Paignton or further afield. 

So how do we do this? The short answer is with our years of experience and burning desire to be the best at what we do. We understand the current online landscape when it comes to digital advertising, we also know how to get customers you need to pick up the phone and contact you so your business can thrive. 

Call us today to discuss our packages and get a free quotation.

Online marketing and search engine optimisation is constantly changing. What worked for you 12 months ago, probably doesn’t work for you today. Our job as one of the top SEO agencies in Paignton is to make sure we stay ahead of the curve and keep up with these changes. 

Appearing at the top of the search engines is the most organic way to generate business these days. If you are not visible on the major search engine’s, then you are losing revenue opportunity to your competition. Our focus is to make sure this doesn’t happen. 

Choosing Parker Digital for your search engine optimisation means making an investment in your business that will provide a fantastic ROI for years to come. 

How it works

Your Common SEO ranking factors

Great website design

It is important to have SEO in mind when you design and develop your website. It must load fast, be easy to use and work on mobile devices (responsive).

Page Speed

The loss of potential customers due to a website taking longer than a few seconds to load, is damaging. Plus the speed of a website is one of the main signals when Google’s algorithm ranks pages. Page Speed and user experience is not to be overlooked.

Quality & relevant content

Having high quality content that is regularly updated is often overlooked. However, high quality relevant content is the most important factor since search engines want to deliver exactly what the user is searching for.

Website Security

Another important ranking factor is your website security. Ensuring that your website has a secure (SSL) certificate tells search engines that your website is to be trusted.

Website Structure

The way in which your website is structured, built, and all linked together is very important. Your website must be easy to use, navigate and contain useful content. If users can easily use it, search engines can start to show all that you have to offer.

Keyword Rich Content

You must optimise your website content and ensure that your website copy, images, titles, descriptions, and links all contain the keywords for which you are wanting to be found.

Ready for better SEO?

We live and breathe search engine optimisation. We use our years of experience to do what we do best. We leave the smoke and mirrors and ‘secrets’ to SEO to other agencies. We rely on our talent and desire to help clients succeed to create effective custom digital marketing strategies.


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If you are not yet seeing the Google rankings and the success your website deserves, it’s probably time to talk to the SEO experts.


Custom SEO Strategy

During the call, share with us your goals, we want to know about you so we can give you an outline to a strategy that will work for you.


Higher Rankings

Begin to generate more traffic to your website and boost enquiries into your business. This is where you reap the benefits SEO has to offer.
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Our Packages

Search Engine Optimisation pricing

Kickstarter SEO

We will create a custom SEO strategy based on your £495/month budget great for small to medium size websites.
£ 495/pm
  • Website Audit
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting

Top Tier SEO

We will create a custom SEO strategy based on your £995/month budget great for large size websites.
£ 995/pm
  • Website Audit
  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Reporting

Working with an SEO agency

We use expert recommended SEO techniques to enhance site performance and user experience. Our aim is to strike the right balance between obtaining results and staying true to your brand and web design plans. By ensuring content is rich in relevant keyword variations and is grammatically accurate helps the user and the search engine to trust in what you are offering. Meanwhile, the technical improvements such as site speeds, linking, and site structure makes your site easy to navigate and more pleasant to use. 

On an ongoing basis, and in line with the most up to date SEO advice, we will continue to update, maintain, and enhance your website ranking, both on and off site. Contact us for more information on SEO services and how we can help your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ongoing search engine optimisation is important and the only way to stay up to date and ahead of your competition on the search engines. While it is possible to conduct basic SEO yourself, it is beneficial to have someone with industry experience for the best results. Particularly if you are in a competitive marketplace and want to have a piece of the pie.

If you have a new website with no organic traffic:
You should expect 9-12 months to build an organic presence and start seeing traffic and leads.

If you have an existing site that’s already getting organic traffic:
We can usually guarantee a huge influx of traffic in the first 2-3 months!

No. We are not here to tie people into a long term commitment. Our SEO team are confident in all that they do, and if a company needs to lock you in with a long term contract, they aren’t confident in their abilities to delivery quality results on a monthly basis.

SEO is much like working out. After exercising consistently for 12-months, you’re going to be in great shape, and even if you stop for a few months afterwards, you’re going to maintain a pretty good physique. However the longer you leave it, your results will drop off.

The same is true for your SEO. Everything we do is permanent & long term, however with time your competition may work and out-rank you.

If this happens after your campaign ends, simply give our SEO team a call and we will walk you through how we can fix it for you.

We aim to be transparent with pricing, and although the price will depend on your business and your goals, we provide custom SEO strategies ranging from £495 – £1000+ with no contracts. 

The only way to get the number one slot on Google is to out-perform all your competitors with an ongoing effective SEO strategy. If an SEO provider is guaranteeing the top spot, then stay clear! There is no certainty with google positioning. However, what we can assure you is that we give the businesses we work with the best ranking opportunity possible!

Although SEO is not an exact science, we do guarantee you results.

Ranking your website on Google depends on the level of competition,  the quantity of search queries, and overall quality of your website. We are confident in our approach, and guarantee a significant and measurable increase in your ranking and traffic, or we will repay you.

SEO is not a one-time service or a quick fix. It requires monthly input to maintain a solid ranking on search engines along with a high volume of traffic. While the intensity may vary, some sort of SEO work will always be necessary in order to establish and grow your companies online presence.

We don’t tie you in with a minimum agreement. We are confident in our abilities to deliver quality, effective work that will keep you happy with the results on a monthly basis

We offer a custom full service SEO package that includes. the following: 

  • Auditing and reporting
  • SEO copywriting and grammar checks
  • Keyword research, LSI’s, and semantic search
  • Backlinking and onsite link fixing (404, 301)
  • Website security certificates
  • Site structure suggestions
  • Improving site speed
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Optimising UX and UI
  • Image optimisation
  • URL optimising (breadcrumbs, page tags etc)
  • Google services (such as GBL, SERPS, Meta and page titles)

On-page SEO

Optimising the website architecture.

Targeting and optimising the best keywords.

Creating new interesting content regularly.

Off-page SEO

Building high quality links back to your website.

Having an active social media presence.

Creating new interesting content regularly.