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91 NEW Online Sales Opportunities in 30 Days

How We Generated Quick Sales Opportunities for Electrical Enigneers

Key Results


Enquiries in 7 days


Enquiries in 30 days


Organic Growth


Note: in respecting our client’s wishes, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand’s name.

We partnered with a local electrical and heating engineers offering, domestic electric services, EV charging point installation, boiler repairs, and much more. They are on a mission to undo the bad reputation that many trade people receive, due to unreliable engineers and we were excited to help.

The Problem

Being a relatively new business with a wide range of local competition, our client was still establishing themselves in the market and looking to make a name for themselves. The business did not have a predictable way to frequently generate new work for the team, which put a lot of pressure on the owner.

Any new work that happened to come into the business did so from word of mouth, which is great, but this approach leaves you in a vulnerable position when it comes to generating revenue each month and covering overheads.

Our client needed a predictable way to win new business fast.

The solution

We have a unique strategy for customer acquisition which was perfect for this business. Since they needed to turn things around relatively quickly, the most efficient way for us to achieve this was to do a combined strategy of a paid ads and organic traffic growth. A strategy that we have tried and tested many times.

While working on boosting the new business enquiries in the first 30 days, we helped the business increase its organic traffic source via Google search. The goal is to eventually replace ad-driven traffic with Google’s organic, unpaid traffic.


We were able to get 26 new online lead form submissions through their website in just the first week after activating our fast lead generation solution. Each qualified lead cost £5.88.

After the first 30 days, we progressed to deliver a total of 91 new sales opportunities via enquiries coming through via the website. The average cost per click to the website had been reduced, making the cost of acquiring visitors much cheaper. After 30 days each qualified warm lead cost £8.71.

Through the use of several different types of search-based advertisements, we successfully attracted new “ready-to-buy” customers to our client’s website. What we’ve accomplished in such a short time using our technique to drive highly interested people to a purpose-built, optimised to convert visitors into customers website speaks for itself.

The website’s natural traffic increased by over 200% after 6 months of SEO, and now it generates a constant stream of leads each month without the need for any extra advertising spending. You won’t have to spend a dime to get a warm lead.

How it was done

  • Initial fault finding within the business
  • Sending ready-to-buy visitors fast
  • Amending the website to increase enquiries
  • Regular check-ins and agile strategies
  • Ongoing website optimisation for search